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The Lift & Slide Door that decorates
Less than 2 cm of visible wooden frame, more visual space, big surfaces in glass.

Imago opens a world of possibilities for the interior designer.
Imago by AGB is a revolutionary Lift & Slide Door combining the proven technology of Climatech with minimalist design possibilities offered by the ultra-slim frame, 100% in wood.

The growing self-build and renovation market has become the inspiration for developing products that help designers express their clients individuality. AGB recognised this challenge and within it, the demand for high-quality, beautifully designed windows and doors.

That’s why Imago was born. A design project that has developed the Lift & Slide Door in wood, providing the perfect solution for large span doors with minimal interruption of the view.

A leitmotiv has always guided the designer’s creativity, the architect Matteo Grotto said: “I accepted no compromise: the frame and the visual elements had to disappear, but providing to have the best performances”.

High performance through technology is at the core of Imago design. For example Imago features the Climatech threshold. Made from a glass-fibre composite, Climatech provides a durable low-threshold with superior thermal performance, strength and protection against atmospheric pollutants.

Improved performance is only the starting point. The Imago’s minimal design with a lack of jambs and transoms offers real design opportunities. The fixed sash becomes a big glass wall with an essential and almost invisible frame.

A dedicated products range completes the door system. A new embedded top guide improves the appearance of the Imago Lift & Slide Door and simplifies the sash mounting. The unique Uni-V central point and compensating caps kit offers wide milling tolerances, compensates for the natural deformation of wood, simplifies installation and ensures trouble free operation.

Thanks to the Uni-V, along with the top locking profile that keeps open the Lift & Slide Door, there is no contact point between the sash and the frame. This means sash movement is completely free and gives an incredible sensation of lightness when you slide it.

The minimalist approach to the design of the Imago Lift & Slide Door System is carried through to manufacturing.

Imago uses the same milling cutter as every other AGB Lift & Slide Door system, mixing new elements with current processes. AGB has developed the system to guarantee that the manufacturing process costs associated to making Imago are comparative to the Climatech Lift & Slide Door. This gives the door manufacturer or joinery company an added value product that that attracts a more demanding customer.

Imago breaks the rules. It connects the spaces blending the inside with outside, transforming the Lift&Slide Door in to a design subject. It’s a new way for architects to express design in a minimal, essential and modern language!

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