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Can I see an Imago Lift & Slide door?
We often get asked if customers can see an Imago Lift & Slide door. It's only natural, because the impact on design is so great when choosing a wide span door whether it's for a new building, extension, refurbishment or retro-fit.

Often wide span glazed doors are the focal point of the project, so it's no surprise people want to check them out. Architects and designers often challenge clients to use more interesting materials and designs.
Imago Points are the locations to see and touch Imago Lift & Slide doors and experience the smooth operation and beautiful design. At all Imago Points in the UK there's a full sized door on display. There's also a trained and knowledgeable Imago advisor on hand to help customers choose the very best design for their project.
The sheer luxury of the wood combined with the most beautiful componentry from Italian hardware specialists AGB. There's no other door like Imago. AGB's philosophy is technology must be beautiful, and nowhere in its range is that more apt than with Imago Lift and Slide doors.
Imago is about paring the frame back to give the emphasis on what's beyond the door. Whether it's a garden or a special view. Lakes and mountains, parks and trees, cliffs and sea views require something extra special. The incredible engineering of Imago means frames are just 2 centimetres slim.
Italians create luxury in everyday things. A coffee cup or a shoe, Italian design stands apart from others. And it's no different with Imago. It's wood at its most elegant.
As well as creating an aspirational space for everyday living, Imago Lift & Slide door is highly energy efficient. Imago has an AGB Uni-V Central Point. It's a weather seal that offers high performance thermal protection from the worst weather conditions. It's resistance from extreme levels of water, air and wind and impact. To make it even more efficient, Imago has a Climatech threshold is made from reinforced fibre glass at the same level as the floor so it makes looks amazing and guarantees an incredible thermal performance.
As with any door, security has to be a top priority. AGB's unique Poseidon locking system is a real innovation in keeping homes safe.

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