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Imago: the big advantage for the energy efficient home
Reducing our heating bills is fast becoming a concern for all of us and using less energy is now a top priority for homeowners.

New research reveals the truth about energy efficiency
With new research showing that housing in the UK is among the least energy efficient in Europe, there is a clear need for new options. Imago’s super-slim style and wide span glass panels offer great advantages to homeowners who want to enjoy a more energy efficient home.

Energy efficient to the core
An Imago door has a thermally broken composite and a 25mm minimum thickness threshold at the same level of the floor. This enables the space to flow better while retaining heat in the home. The Climatech threshold is made from reinforced fibre glass so it makes the minimum visual impact and guarantees an incredible thermal performance.

Sealed for enhanced performance
Unlike conventional sliding doors, Imago has an AGB Uni-V Central Point - a weather seal that provides high performance thermal protection from even the worst weather conditions. Testing has proven that it provides low levels of transmittance with a 0.9U-Value as well as resistance from extreme levels of water, air and wind and impact.

The best of both worlds
Imago’s cutting edge design means its thermal performance matches the high level of security and technology. So while you enjoy incredible views with wider sightlines, you’ll also benefit from exceptional energy efficiency that can help reduce heating bills.
Housing in the UK is among the least energy efficient in Europe, reports Climate News Network

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