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Why Imago doors have got the lock on home security
Not long ago, sliding doors were seen as vulnerable and insecure. But thanks to the launch of Imago in the UK, this is now a thing of the past. As well as being the slimmest timber frame lift and slide hardware system on the market, Imago offers greater security. This means homeowners can look forward to a sliding door that's as secure as it is stylish.

The highest level of anti-burglar protection

Imago's maximum security Poseidon lock has two opposite facing hooks and a central bolt. This gives the highest possible of level of anti-burglar protection that's both high-performing and discreet.

To improve the door's minimal design, the Poseidon lock is installed flush to the frame. It also provides wide pressure adjustments for easy installation in all kinds of settings.

Seamless security

If you're as concerned about home safety as you are about craftsmanship, you'll be reassured that Imago's seamless design enhances its high level of security. Fewer loose parts mean no vulnerable areas and less potential for people to break into your home.

Enhancing value

Because security will always be a top priority for homeowners, anything that makes a home safer while adding to the sense of space is likely to stay in demand. By shattering the myth that sliding doors are vulnerable, Imago is putting a better perspective on home security without sacrificing on style.

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