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4 reasons Imago gives new perspectives on space
As every architect and homeowner knows, space equals value. So it’s no wonder that Imago has had such a great reception since its recent launch in the UK. As the slimmest timber frame lift and slide door hardware system on the market, Imago offers a better sense of space combined with the timeless beauty of wood.

Here’s why it’s changing perspectives on space in the UK:

  1. A natural advantage: Imago’s super slim design and almost invisible frame make the surrounding landscape a central feature. This is a particular advantage if the setting of your home is as stunning as the property. The natural look of frame also adds more to a space as it enhances rather than conflicts with the views outside. 

  2. Open up the possibilities: A wide span view is the new essential for the luxury home, with research suggesting that this demand will continue to grow. Imago’s new door system means that companies can now manufacture a frame with a visible thickness of just 2 centimetre, offering greater design possibilities for many types of architectural projects.

  3. All the beauty of wood: From hardwood floors to stylish furniture, wood has always been an important feature of beautiful homes. Because Imago’s intelligent locking and security technology is virtually invisible, the craftsmanship shines through.

  4. Frame it: As well as complementing the view outside, Imago’s super slim sightlines and wooden frames create a beautiful feature to match the look of a property. A stunning door can make all the difference to a space, so it’s no wonder Imago is the evident choice for people who care about their homes.  

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