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You can’t be too rich or too thin...
"You can never be too rich or too thin," said Wallis Simpson, wife of the abdicated King Edward VIII. Elegance, it seems, comes on the slender side.

Fashion designers have always known this. Fabric drapes so much better from a slimmer frame, because it’s the design of clothes that stands out.
So when we were designing the frame for a perfect lift and slide door, we were thinking about the view that’s being framed whether the doors are open or closed.
And like fashion designers, we believe the slimmer the frame, the better it is. We think that when homeowners, specifiers and architects choose big glass doors it’s because they have a view that’s worth framing. Whether it’s a great view of the garden or something more spectacular over the beach or a city skyline, no one wants big chunky frames spoiling the scene.
Imago lift&slide is different. It’s designed to be the slimmest lift and slide timber door in the world. It’s made from the most beautiful wood, the perfect material for homes, but with visible sightlines of just 2cms there’s more glass and less frame. And more importantly more of the view you want to see.
But while we’ve been spending a lot of time making it the slimmest it can be, we’ve not compromised on energy efficient or security.
Find out how we’ve engineered Imago for high security and low energy bills.
So you don’t have to worry about anything. With Imago you just get to enjoy your view – every day.

Find out how we’ve engineered Imago for high security and low energy bills.

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